4.2 and PFM Coming Soon

Budget, save, invest and spend more wisely and efficiently – 

easier said than done – until now.

Our latest enhancements to Bank OnLine and Mobile Banking offer everything you need to interact with, understand and manage your money, front and center, through your easily accessible Dashboard – plus other integrated features to streamline your online and mobile banking experience, like fingerprint login.

Dashboard Financial Management

View your personal data in a variety of ways, aggregated from the accounts you link from other financial institutions, along with your American Bank accounts.

  • Link other financial institution accounts to your Dashboard to see balances and transaction history all in one place
  • Categorize transactions across your American Bank accounts and those linked from other financial institutions.  
  • Use new widgets to help you manage and track your total financial picture, including American Bank and your linked external accounts:
    • The Net Worth widget calculates your assets, liabilities and total net worth.
    • The Budget widget helps you create budgets and visually track progress throughout the month.
    • The Spending widget tracks and helps you manage your spending habits.
    • The Trends widget allows you to see and manage the trends in your financial actions over a longer period.
    • The Debt widget displays all debts from your American Bank and linked accounts, and provides tools to show how making additional payments can help you reduce debt more quickly – and save money.

Additional Login Options

  • Enable fingerprint login for compatible Android (NEW!) and iOS devices
  • Choose your own 4-digit pass code for login

Moveable Dashboard Tiles

Accounts are displayed as “tiles” and can be moved around and grouped – any way you like.

Quick Transfer

The new Quick Transfer tool allows you to make a simple funds transfer without filling out all the advanced option fields.

Integrated Bill Pay Improvements

  • Search the integrated Bill Pay screens to help navigate and find payees more quickly
  • The integrated Bill Pay pages now conveniently include features previously available only in the full (external) Bill Pay site:
    • Delete a payee
    • Complete multiple bill payments rather than having to process one payment at a time

Bill Pay demo

Bill Pay demo