ACH Services

High speed, low-cost transactions at your fingertips.

American Bank ACH Origination services ensure that your payments and deposits are processed quickly. We provide competitive rates, customized training, and the support of our Treasury Management team to streamline your transactions.

Direct Deposit

Automatic and paperless payroll deposits save time and money while avoiding the threat of lost or stolen checks. Distribute payments to employees regardless of their financial institution. The service can be used for payments to any payee as well.

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

American Bank can help you establish an audit trail for each electronic tax payment with EFTPS ACH Credit. You will also be able to review and edit the transaction before it is submitted to ensure that it is correct.


Set up your vendors as payees and deliver payments directly to their accounts using ACH Origination, Same Day ACH Origination, or External Transfer credits. These electronic payment services give you more time to prepare your payables and manage the money in your account.

Funds Collection

Set up automatic draft payments for your customers on funds due to your business. ACH Origination and Same Day ACH Origination will charge an account at any financial institution and credit your American Bank account, allowing you to earn interest or apply the funds toward an earnings credit on the date the deposit is credited.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Initiate electronic processing of payments and collections with EDI. Each transaction is accompanied by the payment information (addenda record) applicable to the transaction. Incoming EDI addenda information is available to identify receivables payments for posting.

What sets us apart

Our experienced Treasury Management professionals are always available to discuss your plans and develop a customized solution based on the unique aspects of your situation. Our industry expertise and truly personal approach to service is what sets us apart. As experienced bankers, we can respond quickly to your needs without the red tape of other banks. At American Bank, you don’t just open an account; you start a relationship, the way banking should be. We are committed to your success, and are here to act as your trusted business advisor on everything from your cash flow to your strategic road map.