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View Your Accounts

With Bank OnLine, check real-time balances, view images of checks, review transaction history and pending items, and set account alerts on all of your accounts. It’s everything you need, all in one place. Plus, you can initiate Quick Action transactions to save time and complete all your banking needs from one screen.

In addition to viewing your American Bank account information in Bank OnLine, you can also pull in account information from all the other financial institutions you do business with using our Total Snapshot tool. It’s found under the ‘Services’ menu. Click on ‘Total Snapshot’ and your up-to-date American Bank account information will be pulled in automatically. Plus, you can link accounts from other financial institutions and view auto-categorized transactions and current balance information on all your accounts. This unique Bank OnLine feature allows you to link your mortgage, investment and rewards accounts, includes budgeting and cash flow tools, and even calculates your total net worth -  giving you a Total Snapshot of your financial picture. Click here for the Bank OnLine and Mobile Banking User’s Guide to learn more about Total Snapshot.

You can also export your transaction history to Quicken or QuickBooks. 

Get Online Statements

With Bank OnLine, you can avoid sorting and filing paper statements by receiving your statements online.  An e-mail message will notify you when your statement is ready, and you can access it through the security of Bank OnLine at your convenience.   

Transfer Funds

Need to move funds? You can – among any of your registered Bank OnLine deposit accounts at American Bank. You can also make secure account-to-account transfers to other American Bank accounts. Make your transfer by 7 pm Central Time on the business day you want the credit for the funds to appear in another account. Transfers from Bank OnLine are reflected immediately in your Available Balance.

Pay Bills

American Bank’s Business Bill Pay service saves you time and money – no envelopes or stamps to buy or checks to write. Fees may apply; contact Cash Management for details.

With Business Bill Pay you can:

  • Conveniently pay bills electronically.
  • Pay bills easily from multiple accounts.
  • Specify 'deliver by' dates, assuring your payments will be on time.
  • Schedule payments to be made automatically on recurring bills.
  • Use eBills to receive payment information, including amount due and due date, directly from eligible payees. 
  • Pay multiple invoices for the same vendor at one time, with the ability to include invoice numbers on checks.
  • See history of the payments to each of your payees.
  • Send a donation or a personalized gift check.
  • Manage user permissions for other users in your office; set limits, control who has access to specific Bill Pay functions (i.e. managing payees, managing 'pay from' accounts, who can approve transactions, and more).
  • Establish e-notifications to alert you when specific events occur, like when a recurring transaction is processed or when a transaction exceeds a certain amount.
  • Create customized reports and export them to Excel.
  • Create, customize, manage and send invoices online; collect online payments; and track invoice and payment history.
  • Send and receive secure e-mails concerning questions about the status of payments.
  • E-mail, call or live chat with Bill Pay Customer Service, or find answers through Online Help. 

Contact Cash Management for more information on the Business Bill Pay service.

 Watch the Business Bill Pay Demo

Process Commercial Payments

Business Bank OnLine customers have additional online banking features available, designed with your specific needs in mind:

  • Customized account alerts and approvals.
  • Processing of Federal and State tax payments.
  • Collecting of payments from customers.
  • Initiation of payroll payments via direct deposit into employee bank accounts.
  • Initiation of ACH payments.
  • Initiation of outgoing wire transfers.
  • Positive Pay.
  • EDI/NOC reporting.
  • Administrator controls to manage your staff’s Bank OnLine access.

Contact Cash Management for more information about how our integrated commercial online banking solutions can help your business going forward.

Send and Receive Secure Messages

You can also send and receive secure messages to/from American Bank. Simply click on ‘Messages’ under the ‘Services’ menu in Bank OnLine. There, you’ll see any unread or saved messages, and you can easily compose a new message and even send attachments securely to Customer Service. Every time you log in, you’ll also see a hyperlink at the top of the Account Overview page which will indicate secure messages waiting for your review.

Stop Payment on a Check

With Bank OnLine, stopping payment of a check is quick and simple. Should you need to place a stop payment on a range of checks, or if your check has been lost or stolen, contact Customer Service at (361) 992-9911 or (800) 257-8316 toll free. Contact Cash Management to enable stop payment functionality on your account(s).

Order Checks

Just wrote that last check? Not to fret. Re-ordering is fast and easy. Select the checking account you’d like to order checks for and Bank OnLine will direct you to the check ordering site. (Make sure your pop-up blocker is temporarily disabled.) Your previously-ordered check style will be selected, but you can choose from a variety of styles for quick and easy ordering. Check printing charges apply.

Receive Account Alerts

Ding! Stay up-to-date on all of your banking activity with Account Alerts. For example, you can set-up e-mail, phone or text alerts to be sent when a particular check number clears, or when your account goes below or above a certain balance.

Bill Pay demo

Bill Pay demo

Read our Electronic Banking Agreement.

Read our Electronic Banking Agreement.