ACH Fraud Prevention

As fraud continues to increase, business leaders, organizations, financial institutions, and fintech companies must take appropriate steps to prevent and detect fraud.

ACH Positive Pay 

A dynamic ACH Debit Fraud Prevention service that allows you to review scheduled ACH transactions and protect your business by preventing unauthorized transactions from being processed.

Features & Benefits:

  • All ACH debits to the account are held until you indicate whether to accept or return them.
  • As debits are received, users can establish rules to allow the debits to post without review.
  • Decisions must be completed by 2 p.m. Central Time or the ACH debit will be returned.
  • Auto Decision, Minimum Amount and Stale Date customizations are available.
  • Decisioning alerts can be sent to a mobile device for decisioning on-the-go.



ACH Blocks and Filters

Protect your account from unwanted transactions by blocking all ACH debit, credits or both. Upon request, filters can be established to allow certain transactions to process based on set parameters.


What Sets Us Apart

We provide competitive rates, personalized training, and the guidance of our experienced Treasury Management team to help streamline your business transactions.

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