Fraud Solutions

Prevent fraud before it starts.

With the growing size and sophistication of criminal organizations, fraud will likely never be eradicated. But your security is important to us and we have services that can proactively help you minimize fraud. Protect your commercial accounts from unauthorized transactions and simplify your monthly reconciliation.

Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, Payee Match, and Reverse Positive Pay:

  • Prevent fraud – review any posted exceptions and quickly decide whether to return the item or allow it to pay.
  • Simplify account reconciliation – know which items were paid, and for how much.
  • Eliminate or reduce Stop Pay fees – mark items as 'void' or 'return' while you review the Exception Items report.
  • Customization available for Auto Decision, Stale Date, and Minimum Amount.
  • Positive Pay No Checks is also available for accounts with no check activity.

Hard and Soft Tokens:

  • A great benefit to both you and the bank as they provide an addition layer of security (two factor authentication).
  • Available as a physical fob (hard) or a smartphone app (soft).
  • Can be used for approving electronic transfers and login authentication.

What sets us apart

Our experienced Treasury Management professionals are always available to discuss your plans and develop a customized solution based on the unique aspects of your situation. Our industry expertise and truly personal approach to service is what sets us apart.  As experienced bankers, we can respond quickly to your needs without the red tape of other banks. At American Bank, you don’t just open an account; you start a relationship, the way banking should be. We are committed to your success, and are here to act as your trusted business advisor on everything from your cash flow to your strategic road map.