How You Can Help With the Coin Shortage

As you may have heard or read, the U.S. is experiencing a temporary coin shortage due to decreased circulation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our coin allocations from the Federal Reserve have been reduced and clients who need coins for their businesses are being significantly affected.

Do you have coins that could be put back into circulation?

If so, we will accept coins for deposit or conversion into paper currency next week – July 27 through August 1 – without a processing fee.

To turn in coins, please call your branch to schedule an appointment during regular lobby hours. Coins cannot be processed through our Motor Bank facilities, as large amounts cannot be sent through the pneumatic tubes.

American Bank lobbies are using social distancing and other safeguards to maintain a safe environment for you and our employees, including limits on the number of clients present at a given time. All visitors are also required to wear a mask.

We – and our clients who need coins – greatly appreciate anything you can do to help.