So, how do you want to bank?
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Edit Your Account

Change your mind? Okay by us. 

Welcome to the online Your Choice Checking Account Features Editing Tool.  We know that the only sure thing is change.  This is your checking account, and you can customize it as your needs change.  

To edit your existing premium features, you will need to: 
  • Have an active Your Choice Checking Account in good standing. 
  • Be an authorized signer on the account you wish to edit. 
There are four steps in modifying a Your Choice Checking Account: 
  1. Provide information to verify your account and identity. 
  2. Review your current selections, identify the features you wish to add
    or remove, and see how potential discounts affect your monthly fee. 
  3. Review and submit your changes. 
  4. Confirm your changes. 
During this process you will need to provide: 
  • Your Social Security number. 
  • The last four digits of the account you wish to modify. 

Edit Your Account NOW 

If you need assistance during the account editing process, please contact Customer Service at
(800) 257-8316.  Hours are Monday-Friday, 7am to 6pm Central Time, excluding holidays.  

If you are not ready to edit your existing account, you can easily preview what changes to a Your Choice Checking account would look like by using our Demonstration Tool at any time.