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Trust and Asset Management

Portfolio Account Link

What is PAL?

Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your trust portfolio information through the Portfolio Account Link, or PAL, system. You'll have online access to various reports and charts detailing your assets, investments and transaction activity.

Is PAL Secure?

As with all of our online services, the PAL system utilizes 128 bit SSL encryption to protect the data sent to and from your computer. In addition, you'll have a personal login name and password to access the system. All you need to get started is your login information, a computer with Internet access, and either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browser software that will support the necessary 128 bit SSL encryption level.

How Do I Sign Up for PAL?

To request access to your trust account information through PAL, please contact your trust account officer.

PAL Login for Registered Users

Click here to access the PAL Login for registered users.