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Trust and Asset Management

Investment Management: A Tailored Approach

We believe that every customer has a unique set of investment needs. These unique needs are shaped by a combination of factors: the length of time you have to invest, your tolerance for risk, your current income needs, your long-term growth objectives, and your liquidity and cash management needs. Our philosophy is to create a broadly-diversified portfolio that reflects your uniqueness. We tailor investment solutions by:

  • Helping you define your investment objectives.
  • Developing a mix of investments to suit those objectives.
  • Communicating and reporting regularly on the performance of your investment portfolio.
  • Providing custody of assets.
  • Delivering understandable, accurate and timely account statements.

Asset Management

In addition to managing your investable securities, we’re also capable of managing other types of assets for you:

  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Minerals, oil and gas
  • Agricultural

How We Serve

We can act in a variety of capacities, depending on your needs:

  • As trustee or co-trustee
  • As independent executor
  • As an agent for individual, trustee or executor
  • As trustee or agent for retirement funds in 401K, IRA rollover, profit-sharing and pension plan situations
  • As guardian
  • As custodian, or
  • As trustee for court-created Section 142 and 867 Management Trusts

Stand Alone or Administrative Duties Only

Not only do we listen and plan – we’re flexible.  Sometimes a client already has a long-time, trusted money manager they wish to retain.  When that’s the case, we can still help – through an administrative services-only role.

A special fee arrangement takes the limited scope of duties provided by Trust and Asset Management into account -- whether the role includes acting as the client’s agent or as a trustee of a revocable living trust established by the client.

To learn more about how you might benefit from our Trust and Asset Management expertise, call us at (361) 653-5012 or (800) 725-9980 toll free, or (512) 306-5564 in the Austin or Central Texas area.  

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