Solutions for your Business Continuity Plan

As always, we are here for you.

Over our 50-year history, we’ve encountered many challenges and have been there for our clients through them all. Today’s COVID-19 situation is no different. We’re strong, well-capitalized and have ample liquidity. Our management is seasoned; our shareholders and directors live and work in our communities. They all know a thing or two about how to survive tough times. We’re an FDIC-insured institution too, providing additional safety and security.

Our priority is to help you navigate through the challenges with banking solutions that offer some peace of mind in an ever-changing situation.

Here are some of the Treasury Management solutions that may help you as you implement and adjust your business continuity plan.


Do you have an alternative to making payments by check?   

  • ACH Payments – ACH Payments offer an efficient and cost-effective electronic solution for paying vendors and making other disbursements, including account-to-account transfers.
    • Payments credited to an account at any financial institution in 24-48 hours
    • State-of-the art controls and security features
    • Transactions can be approved in Mobile Banking
  • Online Wires – Another alternative for making large payments by check, online wires provide same-day delivery of funds to your recipient.
    • Both domestic and international wires are available online
    • Conveniently approve them from the Business Mobile Banking app available on iPhone® and Android® devices
  • Payroll Services – Working from home? Business Online Payroll provides a simple, flexible and convenient method for paying your employees.
    • Accessible through Business Online Banking
    • Submit your payroll with a click of a button
    • Same-day or next-day payroll available
  • Business Bill Pay – A seamless and integrated way to pay bills efficiently without leaving your laptop or mobile device.  
    • Pay bills from one or multiple companies
    • Manage users and require multiple users for increased security
    • Manage payees and set up e-bills to pay bills efficiently

Ensure your cash flow continues to flow with these solutions.

  • Mobile Deposit – Do your part for social distancing. Depositing a check is as simple as taking a picture, right from the Business Mobile Banking app on your smartphone, whether you’re working from home or at your business.
  • ACH Debit for Collections – Collect payments from customers and credit their accounts efficiently and cost effectively.
    • Payments are credited to your account within 24-48 hours
    • Robust security and control features are included

Any time there’s a crisis, fraud increases. Here are two solutions to help you stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. (We have more.)  

  • Positive Pay – Check Positive Pay allows you to review transactions and decide whether to accept or return the items – before they affect your accounts.
    • Daily reports show you the items that did not match.
    • Determine whether to pay or return the checks each day. (You can submit your decisions through the convenience of the Business Mobile Banking app.) 
    • Payee matching can be added to this service; other options are also available.
  • ACH Positive Pay –  ACH Positive Pay allows you to review ACH debit transactions and decide whether to accept or return the items. 
    • Determine whether to pay or return the ACH debit items daily. 
    • Create rules to automatically pay ACH debits from approved vendors.

Helping you through these turbulent times is our privilege. Contact your Treasury Management Sales representative at (361) 653-5296 for pricing and details for any of these solutions, or to explore additional options we have available to support your business. Or call your bank contact, who can help you connect with a Treasury Management Sales professional.