Meet the Texas Bank with Austin Roots

Need a banking partner who understands Austin? Get to know American Bank.

At American Bank, we offer our business clients more than speedy loan decisions, tailored cash flow management solutions and unbeatable client service. We provide a team of Austin business experts who know the ins and outs of your market and care about the local community, because they live here too. It’s all part of our commitment to help Texas businesses grow and succeed. And since 1970, we’ve helped thousands of people find the means to pursue their dreams.


Visit our Austin location and meet a local banker:

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3520 Bee Caves Road, Suite 100


5 facts about doing business in Austin from people who know it best:

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1) You Need a Banker and a Partner
Running a business isn’t a one-person job. At American Bank, we’re here to help you succeed every single day. With a full suite of tailored cash flow management solutions, local business loan decisions and decades of Austin experience, we’re more than your bankers — we’re your partners.


2) Locals Make the Best Leaders
It’s hard to maintain a successful business when you don’t know a thing about where your clients live. That’s why our Austin offices are led by experienced professionals who are proud to call The Capitol City home.


3) Communities Come First
Austin’s neighborhoods are as diverse as the music, which is why it’s important to support individual communities both economically and philanthropically. At American Bank, we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and success in the communities we serve.


4) Modern Technology is a Must
Austinites value both a hearty handshake and a handheld device. From desktop and handheld wireless terminals to web-based processing, we offer local businesses a variety of merchant and cash management services designed to meet the demands of the most tech-savvy clients.


5) Trust and Security Go Hand in Hand
If you want to earn the trust of Austinites, you have to run a secure business. With both physical security and digital security in mind, we have taken every precaution necessary to ensure you and your assets can rest easy.



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