Meet our Equipment Finance Team

Rob Childers


As President of American Bank Equipment Finance, I lead a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in equipment finance, making it easier for businesses to buy and sell equipment. In 2015, I co-founded BlackRiver Business Capital, an independent equipment finance company that provided focused solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Eventually, this business became ACG Equipment Finance, which was acquired by American Bank in 2021. 

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Todd Newberry

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer

I have nearly 35 years of experience in the financial industry, with a concentration in equipment finance. Over this period, I have been involved in creating and operating accounting, financial analysis, corporate tax, project management, human resources, and process improvement divisions for both large and small financial companies. My business philosophy can be summarized by the fact that I believe every transaction is an outcome generated based on a positive relationship. These relationships must be cultivated based on honesty, transparency, and a sincere desire for all parties to prosper. 

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Michael Fletcher

Director of Sales

I've worked in the commercial construction and transportation equipment industry for more than 12 years. I spent the first 10 years selling equipment and then moved over to finance in 2022. I really enjoy working with our customers and helping them purchase the equipment they need to make their business more efficient and to increase profitability. I have a business degree from Georgia Southwestern State University and I enjoy spending time at the movies, watching football, and learning about history.

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Brandon Cagle

Sales Account Manager

After nearly four years in the equipment finance industry, I've discovered two things about myself. First, I genuinely enjoy helping my clients buy and sell equipment and seeing their business grow. And second, I get to take care of my family by taking care of yours. When I'm not at work, I like to spend time hunting, fishing, reading and playing chess.

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Tanner Canterberry

Sales Account Manager

I came to this industry after spending several years in various kinds of direct sales. The equipment finance space has been fantastic thanks to its ability to make a real difference for businesses across the nation. I've worked with every kind of business from large hospitals to medical spa's, to local construction equipment dealers. I couldn't be more excited about the suite of products we're able to offer with American Bank, and the personal touch that goes along with it.

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Eric Cardina

Sales Account Manager

I started in the equipment finance industry in 2017, in data entry. Once I learned more about the business, I took on the challenge of sales. Helping business owners all over the country to grow and expand their business, and developing relationships with people that will last a lifetime is what makes American Bank so special.

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Phil Cardina

Senior Sales Account Manager

During my 30-year career in equipment financing, I've had the opportunity to assist more than 5,000 businesses by financing over $200 million dollars in business essential equipment. I believe small businesses are the cornerstone of our country's economy and I feel blessed to have worked with so many great business operators. I'm also grateful to be a part of the American Bank Equipment Finance team, where no-nonsense equipment finance expertise has been combined with substantial bank resources to create a group with a singular objective ... to help business owners make their financial dreams a reality. I enjoy my family time and my hobbies, including golf, boating, and anything related to sports.

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Rebecca Clark

Sales Account Manager

Since joining the American Bank Equipment Finance team as an Account Representative, I've enjoyed getting to know my clients and their business goals. And once I understand the unique needs of my clients, I'm able to help deliver the financing they need to keep their business moving forward. I have a bachelors degree from the University of Arkansas, and I enjoy cooking, hunting, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

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Jordan Goins

Sales Account Manager

I'm a Kentucky born-and-raised business professional who puts the utmost priority on customer service. I've had the pleasure of learning and working in many different industries including logistics, finance, and even the golf industry. I joined American Bank Equipment Finance in 2021.

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Scott Hirz

Senior Sales Account Manager

Back in 1997, I discovered my niche was helping finance equipment and vehicles in the landscape and construction markets. Since then, I've enjoyed working with small to mid-sized businesses and helping them grow their companies while building long-term clients and good friends along the way. At this point in my career, I find that a very large portion of my clients are repeat customers whom I’ve known for years. I build lasting relationships with my customers and get to know them and their families. I've been blessed to be surrounded by such great people! I have a degree from Bowling Green State University and enjoy spending my free time outdoors or traveling with family.

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Wendy Jones

Senior Sales Account Manager

After more than a decade in the equipment finance industry, I pride myself on taking the time to listen and understand my clients so that together we can achieve the perfect financing solution. With my drive and knowledge of the industry, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of businesses nationwide. I have not only been blessed over the years with growing a large client base, but I get the opportunity to assist my clients and their friends, family and co-workers in achieving their American dream!

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Dave Kertesz

Sales Account Manager II

Since joining the American Bank Equipment Finance family in 2014, I've been able to help more than 1,000 small business owners finance the equipment they need to grow their business. My career has covered a few different industries, including CAD/CAM, construction, and I even spent some time as a truck driver. Nowadays, we have a team that is focused on making equipment financing easier for business owners. We put on our boots to get after it and make things happen for our clients. I'm a graduate of the University of Akron and I enjoy spending my free time with family, fishing, golfing or doing anything outdoors. I also enjoy sports and live music.

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Neal Konesky

Senior Sales Account Manager 

With about a decade of experience in the equipment finance industry, I have specialized in becoming a leader and advocate in the advancement of underground sewer, plumbing, utilities, and construction. I truly enjoy helping contractors understand how they can build their business credit so they can continue to see success and growth. I believe contractors, small or large, are the lifeblood of our country. I'm a graduate of Kent State University and I enjoy football, hockey, and traveling with my family.

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Mike Kopan

Senior Sales Account Manager

I started in the equipment finance and leasing industry over 30 years ago and I have had the opportunity to help many thousands of businesses over that time. I am extremely customer-centric and my customers sincerely appreciate my professionalism, my work ethic & my empathtic approach to help them through their unique & challenging transaction. In addition, I firmly believe small businesses are the backbone of our country's economy and I feel extremely lucky to have worked with so many great business operators. I am also thankful to be a part of American Bank Equipment Finance, where no nonsense equipment finance expertise has been combined with subtantial bank resources to create a group with one singular objective; to help business owners make their financial dreams a reality.

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Brandon Mack

Sales Account Manager II

I began my career in the equipment finance industry in 2020. Since then, I've funded more than $30 million for my clients and vendors. I love working for American Bank because we don't treat customers like a number. At American Bank, we provide a wide range of financing options and encourage employees to go the extra mile to get a client approved, no matter the customer's situation. Outside of work, I enjoy football, golf, and spending time outdoors with my family.

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Chris Pfriem

Senior Sales Account Manager

For more than 33 years, I've worked for multiple banks and financial institutions helping clients with their equipment finance needs. I have a bachelors degree from Bowling Green State University and I enjoy spending time with my family when I'm not playing golf or watching Cleveland sports.

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Tom Raglow

Senior Sales Account Manager

I’m a 30-year veteran of the equipment finance industry. After all these years, I still love assisting small businesses with their equipment purchases. American Bank offers so many programs and solutions for our clients and equipment dealers. This is a great company to work with. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and grandkids. I also play pickleball and racquetball and like going to sporting events.

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Steve Razayeski

Sales Account Manager II

Since 2014, I've helped clients by delivering more than $40 million in financing. I work primarily with independent trucking, construction, and landscaping businesses. I absolutely love my job and being able to help people make their businesses a success. American Bank is a great place to work and I am blessed to work with an amazing team. Faith and family are important to me along with Cleveland sports teams and playing the guitar.

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Chris Rust

Sales Account Manager

I began my sales career in 2006, and I have experience in many different areas with most of it being in the financial tech sector. My background includes credit card processing, cash advance loans, working capital loans, and equipment finance. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with many great customers, dealers, and partners which has bolstered my ability to help small and large businesses achieve their goals.

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Matt Welly

Senior Sales Account Manager - Team Lead

I started in the equipment finance industry in 1995 and quickly fell in love with the business. I get to work with small business owners every day and I am always amazed at their level of drive, determination and ability to adapt to ever changing market conditions. I have been blessed to have relationships that span over 20 years and still look forward to coming to the office every morning.

I am a graduate of Kent State University lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio. I enjoy golf and travel and spend my free time friends and family.

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