Important information for QuickBooks, Quicken & users

Instructions and Troubleshooting

If you are a Quicken®, QuickBooks® or® user, there are actions you need to take - and information you need to know about reconnecting your accounts.  Depending on the type of Intuit product you use (QuickBooks®, Quicken® or®) and the type of operating system you use (Windows or Mac), instructions will vary.  Please see the Intuit product sections below and select the appropriate instructions for your situation.


If you are a QuickBooks® user, please select the instructions below based on your Operating System, the connection you previously had and the connection you wish to upgrade to.


If you are a® user and need additional instructions, please use the following: 

The Troubleshooting Guide offers information that should help in the event you experience common issues when attempting to connect with the new online banking systems. 

What is
Express Web Connect? 

  • Allows Intuit to automatically download transactions from American Bank. 

What is
Web Connect? 

  • Allows you to manually download a file from American Bank Online Banking to update the transactions and account balances in your Intuit product. 

What is
Direct Connect? 

  • COMING SOON: Will allow Intuit to automatically download transactions from American Bank, AND
  • Allow you to pay bills and transfer money directly from your Intuit product!

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