Optimize Your Growing Practice By Banking With a Community Bank

The personalized touch offered by a community bank like American Bank can provide significant value to a growing professional practice. High-touch service and technology, complemented by deep community and financial knowledge, is how we differentiate ourselves from larger, less personal financial institutions. American Bank will provide for all of your practice's financial needs, whether your practice is accounting, legal services, medical services, dentistry, architecture, psychiatry, veterinary medicine, engineering, and or something different.

Business Loans

If your practice needs financing to fund its growth, American Bank can offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs. These needs might include expansion or renovation of your facilities, purchasing equipment, adding staff, marketing your practice, consolidating debt, managing your cash flow, conversion to electronic records, or building technology infrastructure.

The financing structure that might work well for the needs of your practice could be a business line of credit, especially if your need for funds is to finance working capital needs. Lines of credit are used to finance short-term needs, like providing cash until receivables are collected, or to provide cash for quick purchases that might be refinanced later over longer periods. Having lines of credit in place are beneficial because they allow you to access funds quickly without further approval, and interest is paid only on the outstanding balance of the line of credit. A line of credit will provide your practice with helpful short-term funding and working capital. Use it to purchase inventory, finance accounts receivable, and manage cash flow. Funds can be borrowed, repaid, and reborrowed as your needs dictate.

Equipment Financing

Virtually all businesses need equipment and many business owners prefer to pay for equipment over its useful life, rather than use their cash to pay in full at the time of purchase. So many businesses specifically request equipment financing. Medical practices, for example, might need equipment for diagnostic imaging, surgeries, patient monitoring, laboratory, treatments or therapies. And, like all businesses, they may need to finance computers, printers, scanners, copiers, or even office furniture.

Treasury Management

American Bank provides Treasury Management solutions to help your practice manage its cash. Our services enable your practice to optimize cash flow, make your payment processing more efficient, manage expenses, and provide fraud protection.

We have invested significantly in technology to be able to provide top-level Treasury Management services for your practice. Our bankers and Treasury Management specialists can evaluate your receivables and payables practices and provide solutions that improve cash flow and reduce fraud exposure.

An integral component of any professional practice is how you collect payments from your clients and patients. Our merchant services programs can help you optimize your practice by offering convenience for your patients and clients through streamlined payment processing.

Merchant services, such as point of sale terminals, gateway/virtual terminal products, and mobile credit card processing technologies provided by American Bank make it easy to accept all payment types securely so you can improve your cash flow and grow your practice.

Community Expertise

American Bank is a community bank with more than 54 years experience in doing things the right way for our clients. And we pride ourselves on earning the trust of our clients by building long-term relationships. We have financial expertise and a deep understanding of our communities which we will utilize to help you optimize your growing practice. We look forward to servicing your banking needs!

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