Personal Savings Accounts

Save today. Enjoy tomorrow.

Saving couldn’t be simpler with American Bank. Choose an account based on convenience, earnings potential and your current and future needs, then establish regular auto-transfers from your American Bank checking account to increase your savings.

Every account comes with free access through 24-Hour Bank-By-Phone, Bank OnLine, Mobile Banking and Text Banking service. Learn more about each savings plan in the chart below and decide which one is right for you.

Personal Savings Plans American Savings Young American American Money Market
Account Profile Basic account designed to help you reach your savings goals Savings program for age 17 or younger Money market with competitive interest rate and limited check writing
Special Features

Quarterly statement

Quarterly statement

Free initial Check Card with no charge for transactions at American Bank ATM

Monthly statement

To Waive Maintenance Fee Maintain daily balance of $500 or more Maintain daily balance of $5 or more Maintain daily balance of $2,500 or more
Maintenance Fee $3.50 per month $3 per quarter $15 per month

Withdrawal Charges/Limitations

Two free withdrawals per month, then $3 each3,4

Three free per quarter, then $1 each3,4

Six free withdrawals per statement cycle, then $10 each 3,4

Interest Variable rate; paid monthly1,2 Variable rate, paid quarterly 1,2 Tiered, variable rate; paid monthly 1,2
Minimum Opening Deposit $100 $5 $100

What sets us apart

Our experienced bankers are always available to discuss your plans and develop a customized solution based on the unique aspects of your situation. Our truly personal approach to service is what sets us apart. At American Bank, you don’t just open an account; you start a relationship, the way banking should be. We are committed to your success, and are here to act as your trusted advisor on all aspects of your financial life.

1Interest begins to accrue on the business day the bank receives credit for the deposit of noncash items such as checks.

2We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

3ATM, Point-of-Sale and debit card transactions are not counted as items for transaction charges. (Foreign ATM charges still apply as per the current schedule of fees.)

4Federal Regulation limits withdrawals from savings accounts.  During any month, you may not make more than 6 withdrawals or transfers to another account or to a third party by means of pre-authorized or automatic transfer or telephone order or instructions, online transfer, or by check, draft, debit card or similar order. You may make unlimited in person or ATM withdrawals.