Oil, Gas and Mineral Management

Oil, gas and mineral rights come with unique opportunities and challenges, making them more complex to manage than traditional investments or properties.

Our team can develop a plan to enhance your revenue by:

  • Processing royalty and rental incomes.
  • Analyzing all income, growth and taxes. 
  • Accurately reporting revenues and expenses.  

We offer custom services such as:

  • Lease and contract review.
  • Asset evaluation.
  • Area permitting activity research. 
  • Production history analysis.

Our team's property management services include:

  • Lease negotiation and compliance. 
  • Overseeing property tax payments. 
  • Conducting inspections. 
  • Monitoring and evaluating production and permitting. 

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Our Fiduciary team can devise and implement a strategic range of services that help with the financial aspects and day-to-day operations of natural resource ownership.

INVESTMENT AND WEALTH SERVICES: Not a deposit | Not FDIC insured | No Bank guarantee | May lose value

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