Contactless Debit Cards

Contactless debit cards are the latest and most convenient way to pay at the register! 

Features & Benefits

Contactless cards are fast, easy, and speed up your checkout experience. Transactions are efficient with fewer surfaces to touch.

When you tap, your contactless card uses the advanced encryption and safeguards provided by the chip on your card to protect your payment information.

Simply tap your contactless card near a merchant terminal equipped with the contactless technology. Look for the Contactless Symbol on merchant terminals.

A convenient, secure, and easy way to make everyday purchases.

Whether you’re grabbing take-out or running errands, you can speed through checkout with a single tap of your debit card anywhere you see the contactless symbol. It’s really as easy as look, tap and go!

Contactless uses a hidden, embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After you tap your contactless card or device at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the Mastercard network. Simply tap your contactless debit card near a point-of-sale terminal equipped with the technology.

Your American Bank debit card will have a Contactless Indicator on the front of the card, identifying that it is equipped to make contactless payments.

Yes, you can receive an instantly issued card at any American Bank branch, or you can call Client Services at (800) 257-8316 to have a card mailed to you. First cards are issued at no cost; replacement cards will be issued at a $5.00 fee.

No, a contactless debit card can be used the same way as a non-contactless debit card. Swiping your card or inserting the chip into the terminal features are still available. Contactless is an added feature.

Look for the Contactless Symbol on merchant terminals to determine if they can accept contactless payments. You can tap or hold your contactless card near the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal to make a contactless transaction.

You should tap or hold your card flat one to two inches from the Contactless Symbol on the terminal for one to two seconds. The terminal will indicate when your payment is complete.

Yes, you may be required to enter your PIN. Each merchant may have their own requirements and you may be asked to sign or enter your PIN to successfully complete your purchase.

No, the contactless feature requires a physical card to be present. However, you can still make purchases online using your debit card information or with mobile wallets.

Yes, you can use your contactless debit card while traveling outside of the U.S. at merchants who accept contactless card payments. Look for the Contactless Symbol on the merchant terminal.

Contactless cards use the same Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as most mobile wallets

Yes, contactless payments provide secure encryption technology and Zero Liability Protection and are as secure as a regular card. The EMV chip technology uses a one-time security code that is sent from your card to the payment terminal to identify the transaction. This unique cryptographic code changes for every transaction. This technology better protects you against counterfeit card fraud and use by an unauthorized user. The contactless technology also has an ultra-short read range, so it is unlikely that card information can be captured from your card when using the contactless feature, so you do not need a protective sleeve or NFC-blocking wallet.

The industry continues to develop new ways to protect consumers. Contactless cards provide an additional layer of security when used at contactless-enabled terminals and can help prevent your card from being fraudulently used for transactions you make in person. For extra protection – use debit card controls in the American Bank Personal Mobile Banking app. You can control how, when, and where your debit card is used – right from your phone. For more information on card safety tips, visit our fraud protection page.

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