Wire Transfers

When time is of the essence, wire transfers are the fastest and most secure way to get your money where it needs to go.

Features & Benefits

Electronically transfer funds between financial institutions from your secure Business Online Banking account.

Choose between Domestic and International (U.S. Dollar) online wires.

Choose between one-time and recurring wires.

Save time when entering the recipient’s information with the ABA/Routing Number look-up tool.

Establish tokenization and/or a second approval before the wire is approved and sent.

Create wire transfers any time of day. Wires created after the daily cut-off time will be sent the following business day.

Create a file format and upload a file containing one or more wires.

Move funds from here to there, quickly.

Online Wires is a quick, secure service that allows you to transfer funds from your American Bank account to another financial institution and are suitable for large payments.

Wires can be uploaded into a format to process single or multiple wires at a time and offer the ability to customize frequency of wires. 

Security features include dual control (which allows for separate entry and approval), dollar limitations per user, and hard/soft tokens for additional authentication of users. Wires can be transmitted through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for an additional cost.

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We provide competitive rates, customized training, and the support of our Treasury Management team to streamline your transactions.

Experienced and Proven

At American Bank, our clients come first. And our straightforward business model combined with a focus on delivering exceptional service has helped us build meaningful client relationships. We also carry a 5-star rating for financial strength as recognized by Bauer Financial.


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