Virtual Vault & Night Depository

American Bank offers two secure and convenient ways to deposit cash on hand even when our branches are closed.

Features & Benefits

Secure 24-hour Motor Bank night drop-off

A safe can be installed on-site at your business

Convenient and easy cash deposits

Safe Solutions

For businesses with a high cash volume, this on-site vault improves cash flow, increases security, reduces the risk of theft, and eliminates trips to an American Bank branch. The process is simple:

  • Authorized users add cash to the vault using their unique PIN.
  • Individual bills are scanned for counterfeits.
  • Receipts are printed at the time of deposit for easy reconciliation on the end of day reporting process. 
  • American Bank receives a daily record of the deposits and adds the amounts to your business account. Cash remains locked behind a door that can only be opened by an armored car service.
  • Cash is tallied by an armored car service via a secure Internet connection and retrieved during a regular weekly schedule.


Night Drop

Make deposits at any time with our no-cost night drop service. Your funds will remain secure in our depository vault rather than being held at your business or by your employee until a trip to the bank is convenient.

  • Deposits are processed the next business banking day and posted to your account. 
  • Most American Bank branches have night drop locations that are conveniently placed for drive-up delivery.

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We are committed to your success and are here to act as your trusted business advisor on everything from your cash flow to your strategic road map.

Experienced and Proven

At American Bank, our clients come first. And our straightforward business model combined with a focus on delivering exceptional service has helped us build meaningful client relationships. We also carry a 5-star rating for financial strength as recognized by Bauer Financial.


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