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Why did American Bank buy TexStar National Bank (TexStar)?

  • American Bank is making a significant commitment to the San Antonio area, while strengthening our independence. 
  • This is good news for American Bank clients who will now have even more locations to serve their banking needs. 
  • The acquisition strengthens our ability to achieve our vision of becoming a leading Texas regional bank.

Are there any changes to my American Bank account?

  • There is no change to how we serve our clients and no impact on your accounts.

Where are the new branches?

  • All the new branches are located in the San Antonio area and one is in New Braunfels. Upon final conversion (late March 2023), you will be able to seamlessly bank at any of these locations. At that time, the branches will be added to our branch network and our website locations map. 

Who will lead the San Antonio market for American Bank?

  • Byron Bexley, formerly TexStar’s Chairman and CEO will assume the role of American Bank’s Vice Chairman, San Antonio Market, and will lead American Bank’s commercial banking activities in San Antonio. Additionally, Manny Ruiz, TexStar’s former President and Senior Lending Officer, will assume a similar role as American Bank’s President, San Antonio Market. Byron will report to Donette Stubblefield, American Bank’s Chief Banking Executive for Commercial and Wealth. Manny Ruiz will report to Byron.
  • The existing American Bank San Antonio teams in commercial banking, treasury management, branch operations, and wealth & trust will continue to operate as they have been.

Is my American Bank banker/contact changing?

  • It is unlikely your American Bank contact will change. Please reach out to your current relationship manager / personal banker / Treasury Management point of contact and they will be able to assist you. 

Who do I call with questions?

  • If you have questions about this acquisition or anything else, please contact your relationship manager, Treasury Management contact, or primary branch point of contact. You may also contact Client Services at (800) 257-8316.


Why is TexStar being acquired?

  • The timing is right for TexStar to align with another bank that shares our commitment to serving local communities by providing banking services with excellence. 
  • Like many banks, TexStar has experienced regulatory and industry changes that have made banking much more complex. By merging with a larger organization, our employees and clients will have access to an extensive knowledge base and additional resources that will enhance the overall banking experience. 

Why did TexStar decide to partner with American Bank?

  • There's a great pairing of cultures between our banks and we both have strong heritages as Texas-based community banks. This will not change. 
  • Clients will have access to a broader banking footprint, with locations in San Antonio, New Braunfels, Austin, Victoria, Goliad, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport and Houston. 
  • TexStar clients will receive many enhanced digital banking offerings, a complete suite of Treasury Management services, access to consumer mortgages and other consumer lending products, a client support call center team, and access to wealth management services. 

Will the TexStar name change? 

  • TexStar will continue to operate with the same name until early 2023. By March 2023, the TexStar name will transition to American Bank. More details will be provided in the coming months. 

Will there be any changes to TexStar's staff?

  • The plan is for TexStar's leadership team to remain intact. We anticipate that you'll see many of the same friendly faces long into the future. 

Will any of the TexStar branches close? 

  • No. Your TexStar branch will continue to be available to you. Plus, you'll have more locations across the state to serve your banking needs once the merger is complete in March 2023. 

Will the branch hours change? 

  • No changes are planned in the immediate future. Should our hours adjust later, we will notify you well in advance. 

Will my banking account number(s) change? 

  • No. Your account numbers will remain the same.

Will I be able to use my existing checks and debit card? 

  • Yes. You can continue to use your same TexStar checks and debit card. Even when the merger is complete in late March 2023, you will be able to use your existing checks and card. 

Will my online banking, mobile banking, and/or bill pay change immediately? 

  • Not at this time. The banks must first complete the full conversion of their operating systems, which is targeted for late March 2023. Review our Online Banking Conversion Guides to stay updated.


Business Online Banking Conversion Guide               Personal Online Banking Conversion Guide


Will I be able to start using American Bank's branches immediately? 

  • Not yet. You will continue to bank at current TexStar branch(es) until both banks' operating systems are integrated in 2023. Then you will be able to seamlessly bank at any of the American Bank branches (late March 2023).

What happens if I have deposits at both American Bank and TexStar National Bank?

  • The standard FDIC deposit insurance coverage limit is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category.
  • Generally, you have a six-month grace period to restructure accounts if necessary. Under FDIC rules, for at least six months after the merger, your existing TexStar deposits will be separately insured from any existing accounts at American Bank.
  • The FDIC has an online tool ( to help you determine your FDIC insurance coverage. 

We know you may have additional questions. We are here to help! You may contact your existing account officer or personal banker. And more information is available on the American Bank website at


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